• LED Lights
  • Low Flow Toilets and Faucets
  • Passive Solar Design
  • Solar Power

This beautiful house, designed by Peter Spellman, sits right on the Santa Cruz Harbor. You cannot tell from looking at it that it is a green home. This is an example of our standard green building package. 2×6 framing with R-19 batt insulation, 1″ of polyiso rigid foam wrapped around the entire exterior for a total wall R-value of 27. The ceiling is R-30, The first floor is slab on grade. The windows are good quality but not too expensive. All the lighting is LED. The appliances are Energy Star. Heat is delivered by a 96% efficient forced air heater but it does not come on much because of the good passive solar design, thermal mass, and extra insulation and air sealing. Water is heated with a GE air to water heat pump that is 240% efficient. A 3.5KW solar array powers the whole house and ADU. Low flow 1.28gpf toilets and .8gpm faucets, as well as the convincing artificial turf lawn, save water.

Designed by Peter Spellman

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