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Homegrown Sustainability: A Look at Santa Cruz Green Builders Most Eco Friendly Residential Designs

Santa Cruz Waves - October 7, 2016 - By Joel Hersch "Homeowners today are placing a greater emphasis than ever before on eco-friendly building tactics and renewable energies, and architects and contractors are racing to make those green dreams come true"....Read Full Article


Passive House Delivers 80% Energy Reduction in a 90-Year-Old House in Santa Cruz

Home Energy Pros - March, 2014 - By Chie Kawahara "After years of telling friends, 'When we remodel our house to Passive House standards we will use 80% less energy than similar homes in the area,' and crossing our fingers that the data proved out, we are delighted to share with you our first year's energy data for living in Midori Haus"… Read Full Article

Santa Cruz’s First ‘Passive House’ Built By Santa Cruz Green Builders - August, 2013 - By Jessica Lyons "Passive Houses use 90 percent less energy than typical existing homes and 75 percent less energy than most new homes, according to the Passive House Institute, which sets the PH Standard. They rely on the sun, internal heat sources (such as shower steam) and heat recovery, making active heating systems unnecessary, even on the coldest winter nights. Strategic shading, window glazing and ventilation keep Passive Houses cool on warmer days without air conditioning"… Read Full Article

Cleaning Up a Classic Craftsman

This Old House - 2012 - By Fred Albert
"Energy-efficient updates, nontoxic finishes, and a save-what-you-can mind-set bring back the glow to a once neglected bungalow. Located half a block from the beach on a scenic stretch of Santa Cruz coastline, the 1907 Craftsman bungalow seemed to have plenty going for it. Dusky expanses of old-growth fir wrapped the walls and windows in a warm embrace that extended from the paneled entry hall to the built-in buffet in the dining room…" Read Full Article

Make Your Home More Environmentally Conscious With Help From Santa Cruz Green Builders

The Good Times - By Joel Hersch
"Did you know that having the walls and ceiling of your house packed full of cellulose - recycled cloth and paper fibers - can do wonders for the heating bill? Or that the ability to select how much water you flush down the toilet is an excellent way to conserve water? Or that choosing the right interior wall paint - a product without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - can help reduce your chances of getting sick?  Well, it's all true..." Read Full Article

It's Alive: Green Roofs a Growing Trend

San Jose Mercury News - 2008 - By Jennifer Parrish
"When the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco calls itself the greenest museum in the world, you should take it literally. In addition to its many sustainable design features, the museum now blends in nicely with the surrounding verdancy of Golden Gate Park thanks to the presence of a "green" or "living" roof. Accessible to visitors, this extensive 2.5 acres of undulating vegetation is more than just a rooftop garden. Instead, it forms part of the roof itself…" Read Full Article