Do I Qualify?

walker pathway - do I qualify for ADU?

Does My Property Qualify?

1. Will the owner live on the property?

There are no exceptions to this rule. The owner must live in the main house OR the ADU.

2. Do you have enough Parking?

In the City, no parking is required for an ADU, and parcels with an ADU are not required to provide any covered parking for the primary home. The number of parking spaces required for the primary home is not changed, and parcels must maintain or improve any existing substandard parking arrangement. 

In the County, building a conversion ADU or an ADU that is attached to the primary dwelling will not incur any additional parking requirements. A new construction ADU will require onel off-street parking space in addition to those parking spaces already associated with the primary dwelling. There are exceptions for ADUs located within ½ mile of transit stops and within 1 block of a car-share. 

Setbacks: The city requires minimum setbacks for side, front and rear. These differ depending on your lot size and location, and will require review by the Planning Department.

ADU How to Qualify Santa Cruz Solar

Other conditions that can affect approval: Heritage trees, unstable soil, a steep lot, close proximity to a waterway or riparian corridor, land has archeological value, endangered species, or the house/ property has a historical designation.

Note: If any of these conditions exist, it still may be possible to build an ADU. The site would need further study and an Administrative Use Permit may be required.

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