Santa Cruz Green Builders has an excellent in-house team with a wide variety of skills between us. All the members of our team are, first and foremost, good people. We have a positive attitude, we take our work seriously, and we love to build.



Taylor Darling's passion for building began at a young age. He spent years building a tree house that had a drawbridge, living room, kitchen, screened porch, and garage on the bottom floor, even though he was far from getting his drivers license! Taylor majored in Politics at UCSC and did his senior thesis on the environmental impacts of building in the US. His research shocked but inspired him to think about how to build different and better. After working with a general contractor for five years in Santa Cruz, Taylor and Spencer decided it was time to start their own company with the principles of green building at its core.

Spencer Keenan graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Industrial Design. The courses there gave him the knowledge to take a design from conceptualization to finish and helped develop his ability to find solutions to problems that arise along the way.  These skills, the beauty of California’s central coast, and Spencer's passion to create, resulted in his decision to become a green builder in Santa Cruz.

Spencer Keenan - Owner of Santa Cruz Green Builders

Spencer Keenan

Erik Phillips
Project Manager / Finish Carpenter

John Bolte
Electrician / Solar Installer

Rogelio Ojeda Vasquez

Kim Midstokke
Project Manager

Taylor Darling - Owner of Santa Cruz Green Builders

Taylor Darling

Mario Garcia

Francisco and Nahun Alfaro
Carpenter / Flooring

Brian White
Lead Framer

Aaron Blyth
Project Manager / Carpenter

Lew Piona
Project Manager

David Whiting
Electrician / Solar Installer

Pedro Vasquez
Tile Setter

Lorenzo Hernandez

Jaime Sanchez Carpenter


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